#187: Scott Armstrong: Breaking The Mental Health Stigma In The Workplace


Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and this year’s theme is a topic very close to my heart: loneliness. Most people who experience mental health issues tend to have one thing in common – they all feel extremely lonely in their daily struggle. To help shed light on this topic, I am speaking with Scott Armstrong, who is not only the Editor in Chief of Arabian Business – the region’s leading source of business news, analytics, thought-leadership and features – but also an advocate for mental health awareness. Scott and I discuss our individual struggles with mental health, why leaders must make mental health a priority in the workplace, how companies can support their teams, and how we can remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

Show Notes

02:03 Scott’s career and life journey

05:12 Scott’s mental health journey

09:23 Dealing with pressure

12:00 Asking your team about their mental health

13:45 Companies and mental health

16:23 The Great Resignation

20:55 Are companies doing enough?

27:20 Is the Middle Ease attuned to mental health?

32:00 How the UAE is championing mental health

33:53 Employers’ fears

35:25 A time Scott was impacted by mental health

44:55 Mental health support for young people

47:10 Mental health education

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