#188: Professor Mark Woolhouse OBE: Covid-19 Corruption And The Mismanagement Of The Pandemic


Did lockdown really help prevent the spread of Covid-19? Or did we make the global crisis even worse? There’s no doubt that the pandemic had a catastrophic impact on the world. Millions of lives were lost, livelihoods destroyed, and the cost to the economy was hundreds of billions of dollars. I am excited to share my conversation with Prof. Mark Woolhouse OBE – a leading epidemiologist, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh and Advisor to the UK government – as we discuss the pandemic, the decisions that were made and alternative ways for managing the outbreak. Prof Woolhouse is also the author of the new book “The Year The World Went Mad” – a scientific memoir about the pandemic – so he is the perfect guest to share whether or not lockdown made (and still makes) sense, why politicians chose to ignore expert opinions, how the UK managed the spread of the virus and how we should deal with future outbreaks.

Show Notes

04:32 About Mark

6:50 Who advises the government

08:30 UAE vs UK Covid-19 response

12:58 Working with politicians

14:50 How the UK handled Covid-19

15:50 If lockdowns make sense

18:24 Alternative solutions

21:34 Why politicians ignore experts

23:15 Covid-19 statistics

27:15 How it feels to be ignored

28:53 Other scientists’ frustration

31:19 Finance benefits

32:42 Empathy for politicians

34:58 The measures that Mark supported

39:50 How should we deal with future outbreaks

46:00 Has the world moved on?

49:17 The risk for minorities

56:45 Mark’s book: The Year The World Went Mad

01:02:00 The number of people died VS those that suffered in other ways

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