#183: Crypto Jack: How To Become A Pro Cryptocurrency Trader


Jack Skipp is by far one of the most humble millionaires I’ve ever met. The 28-year-old Pilot-turned-YouTuber was an early adopter of crypto – thanks to his dad! – and has earned several millions of dollars thanks to savvy investing and big risk-taking. Jack joined me on the show to talk about how he mastered cryptocurrency trading, his advice for beginners, and his predictions for the market. Whether you’re into crypto or not – Jack’s story is truly inspiring and really shows what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Show Notes

02:17 Jack’s crypto journey

05:28 Jack’s first investment

07:50 How Jack made money from YouTube

08:08 Investing tips for beginners

11:55 Prediction for crypto in 2025

14:15 Crypto coins

14:51 The utility behind coins

18:44 Regulation of crypto

21:05 The metaverse

22:05 Web 3.0

22:21 Jack’s crypto research

24:50 Jack’s YouTube channel

26:30 Top crypto trading platforms

28:05 Crypto trading fees

31:50 Top questions Jack is asked

32:47 How much Jack has earned

35:05 Jack’s audience

38:55 Charitable endeavours

40:35 Jack’s childhood

41:50 Predictions for Ethereum and Bitcoin

43:41 Trading with leverage

46:00 Bitcoin Blueprint

47:10 Buying in the dips

47:38 Benefits of Bitcoin

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