#182: John Lee: Achieving Financial Freedom And Social Media Success


John Lee has what most people want: financial freedom and social media success. But it wasn’t always that way, and John’s story is one about taking massive action and receiving the reward. After working at his mum’s Chinese takeaway as a dish washer for several years, John quickly realised that to create limitless wealth, he needed to work smarter -not harder. Determined to stop trading his time for money, John discovered the secret to generating wealth. In this episode, John talks about his upbringing and career journey, and how he left his full-time job to invest in property and increase his passive income. John, who has over 6 million followers on social media, also shares insights into content creation, social media success and how to build an audience online.

Show Notes

01:41 Who is John Lee?

06:25 John’s fascination with animations

08:06 John’s career journey

17:35 John’s first property investment

21:55 John’s journey after his first investment

30:38 Why John teaches others his wealth tactics

36:15 How John began teaching others

43:00 John’s social media presence

46:53 John’s first book

53:52 The biggest mistakes people make on social media

58:08 Paid-for content subscription models

01:03:50 Clubhouse

01:09:59 The future of social media

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