#181: The Psychology Of The Winning Mindset With Professor Damian Hughes


Failure is a comma, not a full stop. This is one of many truth bombs that High Performance Expert, Professor Damian Hughes shared on today’s episode. Damian has served as a member of the coaching team for England Rugby League, Scotland Rugby Union and multiple other sporting teams. There’s no one who understands high performance better than Damian does. In this episode, we talk about reframing rejection, dealing with failure and setbacks, and tips for sustaining success. Damian shares research-backed insights into the psychology behind what it takes to become the the best possible ‘you’ and how to achieve peak performance.

Show Notes

[00:06:00] Damian’s upbringing

[00:14:40] Damian’s academic background

[00:17:42] Damian’s purpose in life

[00:23:40] Experiences with bullying

[00:24:50] Dealing with rejection

[00:34:40] Psychological safety

[00:36:08] How to process loss

[00:42:40] How to galvanize people

[00:49:32] Everton FC’s setback

[00:54:22] Advice for someone struggling

[00:57:32] Damian’s most difficult obstacle

[01:03:55] Is quitting bad?

[01:06:34] Explaining peak performance

[01:10:50] Comparison culture

[01:15:09] The best advice Damian’s received

[01:18:14] Coping strategies for overcoming hardship

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