#180: From Car Salesman To Global TV Sensation With Wheeler Dealer’s Mike Brewer


There aren’t many TV shows with a cult following like Wheeler Dealers. Dubbed the ‘world’s most-watched car show’ after almost 20 years on air, I am thrilled to speak with the host of the show, Mike Brewer. Mike is one of the best-known personalities in the motoring industry, and I doubt there’s anything he doesn’t know when it comes to cars. Mike and I discuss his incredible success over the years, how he became an overnight TV sensation, the motoring trade, the future of the automotive industry and if we really can expect to travel in private drones in a few years. If you’re a die-hard fan of the show, want to learn more about Mike’s humble journey to success, or have an interest in cars – then this episode is for you.

Show Notes

[00:01:55] Wheeler Dealers explained

[00:03:45] Mike’s relationship with his dad

[00:08:15] Mike’s career journey

[00:13:02] The reputation of a car salesman

[00:15:30] Mike’s business before becoming a TV presenter

[00:24:39] The start of the TV show

[00:34:33] Mike’s first week of filming

[00:40:36] Reflecting on his love for his job

[00:41:36] How the show works

[00:44:33] The journey of the cars on Wheeler Dealers

[00:47:23] Car restoration is described

[00:49:19] Mike’s car collection

[00:51:35] Predictions for the automotive industry

[00:58:31] Driving in autonomous cars

[01:00:32] Mike’s relationship with his wife

[01:05:26] The future of Wheeler Dealers

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