#184: Eric Anziani: Crypto.com On The Future Of Finance, NFTs And Web 3.0


We’re back this week with another interesting episode for you. My guest is the COO of Crypto.com – the world’s fastest-growing crypto app – Eric Anziani, and he brings a fascinating perspective on all things crypto, Web 3.0 and DeFi. In this episode, we discuss the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, the need for more regulations, the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and the environmental impact of trading cryptocurrencies. Eric also shares his thoughts on how DeFi can revolutionise people’s lives by putting equitability at the forefront. As a growing organisation that is on track to reach 100 million customers in the next year, Eric gives us a glimpse into how Crypto.com plans to leapfrog its way to becoming an integral part of the global economy.

Show Notes

01:20 Eric’s background

02:23 Eric’s first experiences with cryptocurrency

05:50 How Eric got involved in crypto.com

07:55 How to choose the right exchange

10:18 Crypto regulations

14:10 Dubai embracing crypto

15:32 The crypto “Talent Wars”

18:09 WFH for a growing startup

19:30 About the crypto.com team

20:16 Number of customers

21:39 The vision of crypto.com

24:55 How companies can utilise NFTs

31:17 Crypto.com’s NFT platform

33:39 Gaming

35:10 Web 3.0

36:00 Funding crypto.com

39:22 Building the crypto.com brand

44:58 CO2 impact of cryptocurrencies

49:36 Expansion plans for crypto.com

53:40 Crypto.com’s philanthropic plans

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