#177: An Astronaut’s View On The Future Of Planet Earth And Humanity


It may not happen in our lifetime, but according to many experts, the only way for humanity to survive is to leave planet Earth. Nicole Stott, retired NASA astronaut, aquanaut, artist and now author of her first book, “Back to Earth”, joins me on the podcast to talk about her 27-year long career at NASA, life in space, and what it feels like to be one of only 600+ professionally trained astronauts. We also discuss the latest in space tourism, if life on Mars is really the future and how humanity can save planet Earth.

Special thanks to Emirates Literature Festival for facilitating the interview.

Show Notes

[02:26] Life as an astronaut

[06:58] Is humanity in denial?

[10:59] The government’s role in solving world problems

[13:29] Nicole’s journey as a first-time author

[16:54] About her book “Back to Earth”

[18:38] The UN’s Sustainability Goals

[20:54] Life in space

[23:06] Nicole’s thoughts on Richard Branson

[24:53] Space tourism

[27:00] Where to purchase Nicole’s book

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