#176: Saving The World By Spending A Trillion Dollars With Rowan Hooper


A trillion dollars is an unimaginably large sum, yet it’s only around 1% of the world’s GDP, and is roughly the same valuation of Google, Microsoft or Amazon. Rowan Hooper, author of “How To Spend A Trillion Dollars”, joins me on this episode to share how 10 of the world’s biggest problems can be solved with just a trillion dollars. Rowan shares more insights into these global problems, why governments aren’t doing anything to solve them, and he answers the question we’ve all been asking ourselves: Is it too late to reverse the damage we’ve done?

Show Notes

[02:14] How much is a trillion dollars?

[05:51] Ensuring the money is spent appropriately

[12:42] The problems to solve

[16:33] Why governments don’t solve these problems

[21:05] What Rowan learnt whilst writing the book

[26:28] Cows destroy our planet

[29:50] Rowan’s journey

[33:46] Additional learnings

[38:17] How Rowan would spend one trillion dollars

[40:24] Rowan’s journey after writing the book

[44:00] The responsibility of the world’s richest

[47:43] Is it too late to change?

[51:18] Rowan’s experience writing the book

[52:21] Creating a new life form

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