#175: How To Stop Procrastinating And Control Your Attention With Nir Eyal


If I told you 90% of distractions result from internal triggers – our thoughts, our behaviours and our habits – would you believe me? Many people claim they have short attention spans, lack time management skills, or blame the allure of social media for not finishing their tasks. But according to behavioural engineer and bestselling author, Nir Eyal, the key to increasing your productivity is to become INDISTRACTABLE. If you want to be more productive, master distractions, and stop procrastinating, tune in now.

Show Notes

[03:29] The problem with to-do lists

[08:25] How working from home affects productivity

[11:49] What is distraction?

[15:54] How to prioritise tasks

[21:10] How far ahead should you plan?

[27:05] The 4 steps to becoming indistractable

[32:00] How Nir’s journey started

[39:41] Nir’s book “Indistractable”

[42:07] Companies that are indistractable

[46:21] Upcoming projects

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