#174: Building A Superpower Workplace Culture With Culture Expert Lucy d’Abo


With more than 40% of the global workforce planning to leave their jobs this year, companies cannot afford toxic working environments. I speak with Lucy d’Abo, CEO and Co-Founder of together – a UAE-based workplace culture consultancy – and a Culture Evangelist in her own right. Lucy reveals her personal experience of witnessing the destructive power of a poor company culture, and what leaders can do to create a better one.

Show Notes

[2:11] Why Lucy is passionate about culture

[4:55] Importance of interpersonal relationships with colleagues

[9:46] Should your salary dictate your work hours

[15:24] Promoting staff

[18:24] Mistakes companies make

[23:00] Selling DABO & CO

[27:37] The importance of care

[30:55] Why purpose matters

[35:00] Revisiting the sale of DABO & CO

[44:12] Biggest lessons

[46:00] The role of a Chief Culture Officer

[47:51] How to improve your company’s culture

[51:00] Psychological safety in companies

[55:05] Lucy’s leadership style

[57:55] Examples of poor company culture

[01:00:54] Other workplace culture consultancies

[01:04:00] Changes in the UAE’s labour law

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