#173: Why Money Is Corrupt And Bitcoin Is The Future With Robert Breedlove


Inflation is fake, tax is theft and fiat currency is a scheme. These are just some of the opinions from my guest on the show this week. Robert Breedlove is a career CFO, ex Hedge Fund Manager, Bitcoin Philosopher and one of the most interesting thinkers in the Bitcoin space. In this episode, Robert answers the questions ‘What is money?’ and dives into the history of money, how governments manufacture inflation and why Bitcoin is the only asset in the world that is independent of anyone’s opinion. Robert shares mind-blowing insights into the future of money – and whether Bitcoin, gold or traditional fiat currency is the way forward.

Show Notes

[00:02:25] Why financial experts say crypto is nonsense

[00:09:04] India’s obsession with gold

[00:16:30] Financial education

[00:23:31] Why fiat money is just theft

[00:29:58] The upsides of Bitcoin

[00:36:15] How to avoid crypto risks

[00:40:58] Bitcoin investment tips

[00:45:19] Why governments keep printing money

[00:48:15] The risks involved with different asset classes

[00:52:14] Why many investors only stick to what they know


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