#178: Unleashing Your Greatness By Being Purposeful With Lewis Howes


It’s the curse of our generation: what is purpose? To discuss this topic and more, I am joined by one of the most popular podcasters on the planet – Mr Lewis Howes, host of the hugely popular podcast, ‘School of Greatness’. We shared the stage at the Aldar Experts event in Dubai last week, so it’s a pleasure to chat with him about the difference between ‘finding purpose’ and ‘being purpose’, how to find abundance when life feels heavy, the power of gratitude and his biggest lessons from his late father. Lewis also shares his secret to becoming one of the world’s top podcasters and you’ll be surprised to learn what his recipe for podcasting success is. Big thank you to Aldar, one of the best-known property developers in the UAE, for the opportunity to interview an industry titan like Lewis Howes.

Show Notes

[01:00] Lewis shares his love for Dubai

[02:14] How to stay positive in challenging times

[04:12] The turning point in Lewis’ life

[13:53] Finding purpose versus being purpose

[16:06] Where abundance comes from

[17:58] How to acknowledge, show gratitude and appreciation

[24:31] Lessons from his father

[31:51] The School of Greatness podcast

[42:52] Lewis’ thoughts on fame

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