#150: The Horrors Behind The Unmarked Graves Of Canada’s Indigenous Children With Dr Cindy Blackstock


Can you imagine a government that would take your children from you, strip them of their heritage and culture, torture them and sometimes, even kill them? It sounds impossible, yet this is exactly what happened across Canada to Indigenous communities for over 150 years.

I am joined by Dr. Cindy Blackstock, the Executive Director of First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada to discuss the history of Residential Schools and the 1,300 bodies in unmarked graves that have been discovered at these schools over the last few months.

As an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta and Professor in McGill’s School of Social Work, Dr Blackstock is just the person to explain the dark side of Canada’s history.

Show Notes

Cindy begins by explaining the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. [2:36]

The role of guilt in unpacking history is discussed. [7:30]

Residential School history in Canada is explained. [8:14]

Cindy discusses the calls to government, churches and police for this to end throughout the years – and why they were ignored. [12:38]

The government of Canada’s acknowledgment of Residential Schools and what element was missing from their apology is discussed. [15:21]

Discovery of the buried bodies began in the 1990’s – Cindy explains this. [16:38]

Issues of accountability for crimes within Residential Schools is discussed. [19:17]

Cindy discusses the horrors children faced in Residential Schools. [23:04]

The three groups of Indigenous peoples, Inuit, Metis and First Nations people, and issues in Canada today are explained. [24:32]

Struggles that Residential Schools survivors and their children face are touched on. [27:47]

Cindy discusses how people can stop injustices from happening to Indigenous people currently living in Canada. [30:21]

Challenges for support from Non-Indigenous communities are reflected on. [32:49]

Larger implications of these systems in Canada is explained. [34:37]

Steps listeners can take to support Indigenous Peoples in Canada are given. [35:30]

Cindy explains how to reach her for more information. [40:33]

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First Nations Child & Family Caring Society website- https://fncaringsociety.com