#151: Protecting Your Crypto Investments From Hackers With Richard Sanders


Are your crypto investments safe from hackers? Turns out…probably not.

I am joined today by Richard Sanders, the lead investigator at CipherBlade, an investigative agency and security firm. He is widely regarded as the subject-matter authority when it comes to blockchain-related cybercrime and often acts as an expert witness for legal cases across the United States. Cipherblade is responsible for recovering millions of dollars in stolen funds and preventing dozens of cybercrimes.

In this episode, Richard shares common sense cyber security tips and the steps you can take to protect your investments.

Show Notes

Richard discusses the work that he does as a crypto tracer. [2:14]

The world of cybercrime is touched on. [4:01]

Mistakes people make when buying crypto are discussed. [6:31]

How hackers find their victims is explained. [13:00]

Major mistakes that Richard sees over and over are reflected on. [15:41]

The risks of NFT’s are discussed. [17:54]

Divorce and assets are touched on. [19:30]

Richard explains what an ICO is and how it leads to the need for tracing. [22:37]

The need for more investigative companies and experts like Richard is discussed. [24:34]

Richard explains how to get into the industry. [27:46]

Choosing clients and charging is talked about. [30:48]

What to do and what not to do are summarized. [35:33]

Richard shares how listeners can contact him if they need his services. [37:19]

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Cipherblade Website: https://cipherblade.com/


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