#149: How To Achieve A ‘Happy Money’ Mindset For Financial Freedom with Ken Honda


Do you experience feelings of fear and worry when it comes to money? Do you constantly want more cash even though you are financially stable? Then you won’t want to miss this episode with money and happiness expert Ken Honda who can help you find peace and happiness with your finances.

Fondly known as the Zen Millionaire, Ken’s bestselling books bridge the gap between self-development and finance. His philosophy is based on using Zen practices to heal negative emotions and experiences around money, so we can all experience true wealth and comfort.

Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with money, the difference between money IQ and EQ, money personality types and how anyone can heal past money wounds.

Show Notes

Ken explains who he is and the work that he does. [2:15]

The lessons Ken has learned about the relationship with money is discussed. [3:35]

Knowing the difference between ‘happy money’ and ‘unhappy money’ is described.  [5:11]

Ken touches on how to heal money wounds in our lives. [7:02]

Money personality types and finding a balance with money is explained. [10:08]

Childhood experiences with money are repeated in our lives, Ken reflects on how to heal this. [12:27]

Ken explains the importance of knowing how much money is ‘enough’. [15:51]

Measuring happiness and the link to living a wealthy life is discussed. [18:56]

The link between gratitude and a successful relationship with money is described. [21:23]

Practical steps to improve your relationship with money are given. [23:32]

The thought process behind lending is discussed. [29:22]

Issues that people have with understanding money is reflected on. [31:29]

Greed and the problems surrounding this is touched on. [33:53]

Zen is described. [36:10]

Ways to heal feelings of guilt and shame around finances is discussed. [39:35]

Ken discusses why he started helping people heal their relationship with money. [46:21]

Spencer asks Ken to tell his story about dogs and insurance. [48:36]

Ken explains how to find more information about his teachings. [53:56]

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