#148: NFT Artist On Selling Voice Note Artwork


If you’re curious about how digital NFT art is shaking up the art world then this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Award-winning Dubai artist Amrita Sethi joins the show to explain how she turns her voice into eye-catching, interactive NFTs. Having pioneered “voice note art, Amrita explains the NFT art scene, the fear of the crypto space, and how both artists and individuals can get involved with buying and selling artistic pieces.

Show Notes

Amrita joins the show by explaining her work in the digital world and NFT’s. [3:26]

Fear of the Crypto space is touched on. [8:35]

Amrita discusses her transition into the art world from the corporate world. [10:20]

The bridge between technology, monetization and the art Amrita creates is described. [14:03]

The reasons Amrita began to use NFT’s for her art is discussed. [18:47]

Amrita explains how the famous 69-million-dollar NFT purchase changed the narrative for digital art. [22:41]

Selling and creating NFT’s is touched on. [24:47]

Amrita discusses the difficulties with selling art. [32:02]

How to make sound-based art with an NFT is explained. [36:16]

Valuations of NFT’s is clarified. [41:42]

Amrita touches on her plans for the future in art and the NFT space. [46:30]

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