#145: Crypto Billionaire MetaKovan On Buying $69 Million Digital NFT Art


I am grateful to be speaking with MetaKovan, the bitcoin billionaire who spent a record US$69.3 million worth of cryptocurrency on a piece of digital art! MetaKovan is the founder and financer of Metapurse, an NFT production studio and the largest NFT Fund in the world. He is also a blockchain entrepreneur, coder and angel investor.

Get ready to hear about his humble upbringing in South India, his views on crypto investing, what it’s like, being a crypto billionaire, his views on money and why he invested so much into NFT art.  

Show Notes

MetaKovan begins with discussing how he spent 69 million dollars on an NFT. [2:23]

The philosophy MetaKovan follows is touched on. [4:59]

Cryptocurrency offers a new asset class to invest in; MetaKovan discusses how this works. [10:19]

MetaKovan describes his childhood influences and struggles growing up in India. [12:41]

At one point, MetaKovan only owned a USB and borrowed laptops, he discusses this point in his life. [22:00]

The impacts of travel on MetaKovan reflected on. [25:01]

Life is about more than making money, MetaKovan discusses this idea. [27:57]

MetaKovan discusses being a billionaire and his views on money. [30:31]

Getting started with an idea is difficult, MetaKovan shares his process for new beginnings. [34:02]

The work MetaKovan does with artists is discussed. [37:16]

Meditation and the role it plays in MetaKovans life is explained. [42:42]

The function of investments in blockchain, NFT’s and cryptocurrency is explained. [47:28]

MetaKovan discusses his appearances on podcasts. [56:09]


“I almost feel like you know being part of that story, how crypto is important to the world and what crypto is doing here – so that is the story of the 69-million-dollar purchase.” [3:10-3:21

“Blockchain’s are like Wikipedia, more like Wikipedia than like Facebook.” [8:21-8:26]

“I wanted to build stuff, I wanted to innovate on things, I wanted to invent things and by saying those words I think what I meant was if innovations and new inventions were possible in say a place like where I was born from, you know that would become an economic tool, a social tool.” [14:30-14:52]

“Think about money as a potential energy, like water on top of a tank.” [31:05-31:10]

“Crypto in a way, is a system. Its not just a technology, it actually proposes a systemic change in how we deal with assets, what privacy means to people and owning a part of a public infrastructure.” [47:36-47:56]

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