#146: What You Don’t Know About Social Media Privacy Settings & Algorithms with AI Expert Dr. Jen Golbeck


Have you ever spoken to a friend about something, only to see an ad appear on your phone for that exact same thing? Today’s guest, Dr. Jen Golbeck explains why this is…

Dr Golbeck is an associate professor in the Information Science department at the University of Maryland, and a computer scientist specialising in media surveillance, information security and artificial intelligence. Through TED Talks, her informative TikTok channel and her university course ‘How to Become an Influencer’, Dr. Golbeck educates people on the best ways to interact with technology, social media and personal information in the digital world.

Jen joins the show today to discuss the positive and negative impacts of social media, the dangers of using our smart devices, and the tricks you can use to boost your engagement on social media platforms.

Show Notes

Dr. Jen Golbeck joins the show by discussing the positives of using social media. [3:31]

The formula for becoming a popular social media content creator is discussed. [6:41]

Finding an audience on social media can be difficult; Dr. Golbeck explains the best methods. [9:11]

Dr. Golbeck describes the dangers of social media and authenticity. [12:36]

The privacy implications of using our phones, laptops and smart devices is touched on. [22:48]

Steps that individuals can take to improve safety in content sharing and device usage are described. [32:07]

Dr. Golbeck’s decision to pursue computer science and social media/digital research is discussed [35:41]

How Dr. Golbeck uses TikTok and social media successfully is explained. [37:50]

Dr. Golbeck’s course ‘How to Become an Influencer’ is discussed. [40:47]

Resources and advice to learn more about the digital world are given. [45:05]

The best patterns to use to attract an audience is explained. [49:25]

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