#144: Viral TikTok Star MurphsLife On Using Social Media to Change Lives


My guest this week is Aaron Murphy – known on Instagram and TikTok as simply @MurphsLife. Aaron is best known for sharing heart-warming videos that go viral every week, showcasing himself and his team providing direct relief to people they meet in places like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. Not only do Aaron and his team provide immediate relief in the form of money, food, shelter and medical treatments – they also give employment opportunities and self-sustaining businesses to those in need. Incredibly…social media makes it all possible as followers of @MurphsLife make regular contributions to keep the charity running.

Get ready to hear about Aaron’s mission to help the less fortunate, and how YOU can help too!

Show Notes

Aaron joins the show discussing who he is and what his charity, MurphsLife Foundation, does. [2:20]

The first person that Aaron helped through creating video content is described. [8:24]

Why Aaron began using TikTok is explained. [9:54]

The number of families Aaron has helped is touched on. [14:28]

Aaron discusses his calling in life and what the future holds. [17:38]

Recharging and the importance of taking time alone is explained. [20:52]

The method that Aaron uses to find the people he needs to help is detailed. [21:42]

The locations Aaron has visited and where he wants to go next is touched on. [26:20]

The best way to support Aaron, other than donating money, is explained. [27:56]

Aaron describes how helping people is a spiritual education. [31:14]


“I put the video on TikTok and it had like a million views the next day and that really allowed donations to come in, to where I’m like ‘okay cool, I’m going to start building businesses.’” [14:12-14:22]

“I feel like life is about giving and receiving.” [19:15-19:17]

“It’s not always easy taking care of humanity, it’s not always easy taking care of your neighbours but it’s worth it.” [32:43- 32:51]

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