#121: Lisa Johnson On Earning £1.3M In One Month


After a turbulent childhood battling long term bullying, relationship issues and a lack of confidence, Lisa Johnson fell into success specialising as a Global Passive Income Coach. Having faced business challenges that at times saw her earn as little as £1.15 per hour, Lisa has since made millions – raking in £1.3 million pounds in October alone! She has spent the last 3 years building her widely successful business teaching clients how to work smarter and not harder, allowing their businesses to thrive. In this very fitting and motivational final podcast of 2020, Lisa shares her story that proves how at any time, your strength and hunger for more can create a new beginning and shift your path towards success and fulfilment.

Show Notes

Lisa introduces herself and her profession as a successful business coach specializing in passive income. [1:56]

Lisa shares stories and various techniques she has used to teach others how to accelerate their business and create passive income. [6:02]

Lisa recounts her earlier life experiences and background, battling bullying in both her childhood and early adulthood. [12:34]

Lisa explains how hitting rock bottom in her personal and professional life, resulted in a turning point and put her future on a different path. [19:58]

Lisa shares her story of compromise, choosing to be more present with her new-born twins but suffering professionally and financially. [26:03]

Lisa continues to share stories of her professional background, explaining how her Wedding planning business inspired and motivated her to create Lisa Johnson coaching. [36:44]

Lisa and Spencer discuss specific examples as to how Lisa applies her coaching model to help her clients achieve success. [53:04]

Lisa closes the interview sharing her social media platforms, and tips to where to learn more about passive income. [1:00:39]


“I don’t know how I got out of that situation even to this day, but it left some trauma”. [16:57]

“All the words that they had called me, all the way through, were stuck in my head”. [21:48]

“I had to re-write my story all over again. But I was used to it this time, as I’d been doing it my whole life”. [27:15]

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