#122: “The Real James Bond” Will Geddes On The Dangers Of The Dark Web


With over 25 year’s experience combatting issues such as counter terrorism, personal and cyber security and working as a bodyguard for the Hollywood elite, my guest this week is Security specialist Will Geddes. In this week’s episode, Will gives us a specialized and focused insight on the world of Cyber-crime and how to avoid falling victim to it, how to protect your personal security both online and in the real world, and how to protect your children from the dangers of Social Media, Cyber-bullying and the Dark Web. As Director of the leading Specialized Human Threat Management company ICP, and referencing his best-selling book release “Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online”, Will’s wisdom and inside knowledge ensures that in this ever advancing digital age, you can begin your year with confidence and in the safest way possible.

Show Notes

Will introduces himself and gives us a background in his career as an ‘unusual character’ in the security industry. [1:04]

Will discusses the prevalence in more modern security threats, such as cyber-crime and the issues the human aspect presents. [8:38]

Will explains the modern advances that effect security and trust today, in regard to the free use of social media as a means of analysis and expression. [14:39]

Will shares the importance of taking the necessary steps in order to avoid falling victim to cyber or online crime.  [19:16]

Will shares details of his book release “Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online”, which he was approached to write as an effort to educate parents on the dangers of cyber bullying and the internet generally, and how to best protect children from harm online and whilst using social media. [21:35]

Will discusses the dangers of grooming via the internet and social media, highlighting its current prevalence, the dangers and how again, parents can familiarize themselves with certain platforms in order to protect their children. [33:05]

Will shares the concept of ‘Competitor Intelligence’, touching on the issue of industrial espionage and protecting personal security, both online and in physical format.  [39:01]

Will explains the multiple areas that make up the ‘Dark Web’, and how to identify and avoid them. [43:45]

Will closes sharing information on where to purchase his book release. [48:26]


“The natural filter, and trust aspect, is just not there as it used to be”. [15:01]

“A lot of this comes down to human effort, in order to prevent you becoming a victim”. [19:27]

“There is an intrinsic responsibility by parents, to understand the devices that their children are using”. [24:27]

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