Whether you’re a young professional, someone going for a job interview, or the CEO of a company, everybody needs to have sales skills.

Selling is a prerequisite in life. If you’re a CEO in an organisation then you’re selling the services of your business. If you’re a young professional going for an interview, then you’re selling yourself and your skill-set! Selling is important for everyone.

Sales skills will ensure that you’re able to persuade, negotiate and operate in the world of commerce as well as in the world of success.

When you go for a job interview what do you think the employer is looking for?

  • Your credentials?
  • Your university degree?
  • Your experience?
  • Your character?

In most cases these employers are looking for the person who has a combination of all of the above, in addition to being a good team player. So how do you get this across in an interview? You sell yourself!

Whether you’re being sold to or are selling something yourself, you are exposed to the world of sales.

Sales is about persuading someone to buy your product, service or skill:

Selling is all about persuading, convincing, and negotiating. It’s essentially about getting your own way. Let’s take an example: When you buy a house you negotiate to get the right price. The seller might be selling you their house but you’re also selling them on the price that you want to pay.

When you want to get your own way or persuade someone, you are going to have to use your sales skills and that applies to every single one of us. Never underestimate the power of selling.

 Know what you need to do to make the sale:

There have been a lot of companies in the tech space in recent years that have failed. What’s the difference between them and the tech companies that have gone on to succeed? A lot of these entrepreneurs will claim that they couldn’t raise enough money, but if you have a great idea then you should be selling that idea.

If you aren’t raising enough money then either you’re not selling your idea or services quick enough or you’re not selling in the correct way. These people don’t know what they need to do to make the sales they need to make.

It doesn’t matter how great your idea is if you’re not selling it to anyone. People who start up new businesses will face this challenge. While some of these small businesses will thrive, a lot of them will go bust in the first year. This is because the people who set up these small businesses don’t understand the value of selling and the skills that are needed to help that business grow.

Selling will create revenue, and if you create revenue you can keep yourself moving forward. Small business revenue is essential. If you’re going to set up a business and are already going through the hassle of legally setting it up, buying stock or getting products manufactured then it’s of vital importance to know the value of selling. Sales will keep your business alive.

If you’ve got a good idea, a good concept for a business and you want to make a success of it, then I urge you to be a really effective and professional sales person. You’ll understand how to persuade, negotiate and get people to buy into your idea.

Commission isn’t a bad word:

Commission. What does it really mean? Well first things first: commission isn’t an ugly word and secondly, commission isn’t all about money. People who go and do a job every day sometimes say that they prefer a salary because it’s safer, since they have their expenses that they need to cover. Whether you work hard or not, that salary stays the same every month. But with commission you get paid for what you do, what you deliver, and what you’re worth. Commission is so much better than a salary.

If you work really hard then you’re going to get paid more commission. More effort and more input means more commission. With commission you’re in control of your income. If you’re lazy then perhaps this isn’t for you but if you’re a hard worker then you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

If you go and see a lawyer or an accountant they’ll charge you a fee per hour. But if they didn’t have any clients, they wouldn’t be making any income. And in sales, if you don’t make any sales you also don’t make any income. It’s exactly the same.

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