The top reasons why you should embrace commission instead of a “set” salary…

People often ask me how I’ve made a success living off commission alone. Are you kidding me? Commission must be the single greatest way of earning an income! A lot of people might argue that a salary is a safer option. They’ll tell you all about their monthly expenses that they need to cover, and why it’s better to get a regular income every month. Well, in my opinion, you’ll never achieve big success by playing it safe, nor will you achieve it by receiving the same mediocre salary every month.

With commission, you get paid for what you do, what you deliver, and what you’re worth. Commission is so much better than a salary. You can earn far more money by working on commission, and you’ll also have that much more job satisfaction at the end of the month. The only catch – it’s not for the lazy! If you want to see big figures rolling in, then you’d better be prepared to put the hard work in. If you set your targets high and stay committed, then you shouldn’t have any problem. This way you’re in control of your own income, your own bank balance, and your future success. Commission isn’t a bad word – it’s when you get something in return for doing a good job!

Although the term ‘commission’ relates to a form of payment for doing something, there are also different forms of commission that exist. Commission is also when you get a pay raise, when you are promoted, or even when you make a new friend. Commission is determined by what you put in. Think about it this way: even your love life is a commission. If you’re married and you aren’t invested in it, then you’re not going to get anything out. But if you put work into the relationship, then you’re going to get love back and that love is a commission too. Don’t underestimate that. Understand the importance of commission in all aspects of your life. Don’t attach the word just to money made by making a sale. Take a step back and analyse your life so that you’re able to see all the areas in your life that you earn commission.

There have been so many people over the years who have told me that they couldn’t do what I do and that they wouldn’t be able to work on commission. But of course you can! If you commit, work hard and put the hours in, then you’re going to get a lot out, whether that’s in your job or your private life.

With commission sales, there is no cap on your earnings, meaning you can thrive financially when things are going well. Clearly define your targets so that you achieve excellent results on a regular basis.

Top tips: Commission

  1. Stop fearing commission: Commission is a fantastic way to make money. Stop convincing yourself that it’s a bad thing and commit to working hard so that you can see great results.
  2. Manage your money: You never know what the future holds. Things may be good today, and the money could be pouring in, but what happens if something changes that? Always make allowances for your future, and never spend money that you don’t have. If you’re planning on making a big purchase, then rather wait until you have all the money upfront.