#115: Brandon Farbstein – Wisdom From a 3’9 Giant


Your restrictions don’t define you, and my guest this week at the age of just 21 has already proved just that. Diagnosed with one of rarest forms of dwarfism, on this week’s episode Brandon Farbstein shares with us how through courage, determination and strength, his condition has become his progressive force, and how your adversities can too. Working to inspire, create awareness, elevate empathy and break social barriers, Brandon shares with us the importance of changing your own perception as your key to success, and as a catalyst to drive you forward.  

Show Notes

Brandon begins to give us a background on the various and rare forms of dwarfism, sharing his early experiences struggling with his medical condition. [3:16]

Brandon shares how he began to find strength in sharing his life story, using the TEDx platform as his first opportunity to raise awareness of his medical condition and the social challenges he and others face. [5:58]

Brandon discusses his views on religion and faith, and how he has utilized the belief of a higher power in his journey. [9:27]

Brandon talks about how his work has inspired and provided a voice of support to his community, raising awareness and “humanizing” his medical condition to himself. [16:35]

Brandon shares the effect of his own mind, and the power it had on his sense of self and how others perceived him. [20:46]

Brandon discusses how new experiences and opportunities have allowed him to discover new capabilities in himself and how they’ve influenced his own self-belief. [24:18]

Brandon shares his experiences on the social challenges he faces from both children and adults. [31:27]

Brandon shares his experiences from writing his book “Ten feet tall”. [36:42]

Brandon reveals the people who inspire him today. [40:01]

Brandon closes by highlighting the importance of changing your own perception of yourself, as the key to “mastering life”. [43:22]


“I felt invisible, until I had the opportunity to share my story for the very first time.” [6:42]

“It was literally in that moment, that I found my purpose and I found my reason for living.” [7:00]

“Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices, that we can put into play.” [13:36]

“The opportunity to become a better person, I think is one of the greatest gifts of them all.”  [28:43]

“It’s truly a matter of flipping the switch in your mind.” [43:23]

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