#114: Anneke Lucas On Escaping The Horrors Of A Child Sex Trafficking Ring


Trigger warning: This episode includes conversations about child trafficking and abuse.       

A story that truly emphasizes the power of hope, this week I had the honor of speaking with the incredible and courageous child sex trafficking survivor – Anneke Lucas.   Sold by her mother at the age of 6 into an abusive and murderous pedophile network, Anneke recounts her horrific and heartbreaking experiences and shares how she has found healing through psychotherapy, writing, yoga and meditation.  Anneke also shares with us her journey on breaking through feelings of shame, turning some of the darkest moments of her life into a passion for advocacy and strength.

Show Notes

Anneke introduces her life as a child in Brussels, learning quickly at the age of 6 how she was to be categorized as an “expendable”. [1:46]

Anneke shares the effect of trauma on memories, revealing how vividly she remembers her experiences. [5:34]

Anneke discusses her senses of love from her immediate family, and explains her relationship with her mother who was trafficking her [8:16]

Anneke recounts her feelings of shame and forbidding herself to speak about her abuse. [16:47]

Anneke shares accounts of any relationships she had with other children who were suffering the same abuse. [19:01]

Anneke talks about working with survivors and shares her knowledge of children still being “trained” and trafficked today as slaves. [21:51]

Anneke explains the traumatic processes and purposes of MKUltra training. [27:26]

Anneke shares her personal growth process and learning to overcome her trauma, starting with her teenage years after her abuse ended. [33:31]

Anneke discusses forgiveness, her healing processes and PTSD that she still fights today. [39:56]

Anneke shares the effects of her abuse on her personal relationships in adulthood. [46:41]

Anneke reveals how she gained the courage to begin speaking about and work with other survivors of abuse. [48:20]

Anneke shares her feelings today for her former abusers, and how abuse can be prevented. [53:46]

Spencer praises Anneke for her courage and invites her to discuss her forthcoming book release. [58:40]


“He shared his world with me and said that I belonged, for me that was the closest I had to a father”. [4:27]

“When a trauma meets healing, that’s to say when you’re ready for that personal evolution journey that transforms you”. [5:47]

“I have been saved every time, again, by kind strangers” [30:17]

“When you see someone at their emotional age, it’s much easier to forgive them”. [40:01]

“It is an absolute curse to not know who you are, and to not have any connection to your greater self and spirit”. [54:25]

Social Links

Website: annekelucas.com

Twitter: twitter.com/annekelucas

Facebook: facebook.com/AnnekeLucas2/

Instagram: instagram.com/anneke.lucas/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anneke-lucas-70b44137/

Anneke’s book “Seeds Beneath the Snow: Uncovering the Divine Feminine on the Path to Global Equality” is scheduled to be released later in 2020