#299: Surviving War, Kidnapping And Human Trafficking With Lurata Lyon


They say that no one leaves a war without scars, and this week’s guest can attest to that. Get ready to be shaken to your core by the story you’re about to hear. Meet Lurata Lyon, who, at just 17, became a victim of human trafficking and an organ-harvesting gang during the split of former Yugoslavia. Held captive in a dark, tiny room for six months, she endured solitary confinement, abuse, beatings, being raped daily and experienced constant fear for her life. After an intense rescue, she was brought to the UK as a political refugee. Today, Lurata is an international public speaking and presentation skills coach, a motivational speaker, and the author of ‘Unbroken: Surviving Human Trafficking.’ In this episode, Lurata shares what led to her kidnapping, and the most horrific experiences of her life during those months. Her story deeply moved me, and I knew I had to share it with you. This episode will take you through a whirlwind of emotions — pain, grief, anger, gratitude, pity, loss, and hope. So, tune in now and be inspired by Lurata’s incredible resilience and approach to life.

Show Notes

0:17:44 Lurata’s early years

0:25:54 Living in a communist country 

0:28:09 The end of communism in Yugoslavia

0:45:55 Negotiating with the army to survive

1:04:45 Lurata’s kidnapping

1:17:43 Lurata’s most horrific memory

1:25:40 How Lurata escaped her kidnappers

1:34:24 Interrogations, beatings, and rape by the army

1:48:06 The mindset shift that helped Lurata 

1:49:31 How Lurata’s father rescued her after six months 

2:04:55 The moment she reached England

2:11:28 Why Lurata chose to share her story

2:15:27 Life lessons from Lurata 

2:20:24 Spencer’s takeaways from this conversation

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