#298: Exposing The Ugly Truth of Racism in Cricket With Former Cricketer Azeem Rafiq


Imagine being repeatedly bullied in an environment that you love. This week, I am joined by former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq, whose courageous stand against systemic racism has sent shockwaves through the sporting community. Born and raised in Karachi, Azeem relocated from Pakistan to England in 2001, making history as Yorkshire’s first Asian-origin captain and leading the team to victory in five out of six matches. As an anti-racism campaigner and whistleblower at Yorkshire County Cricket Club, he exposed the harsh realities of discrimination, racism, and bullying in the industry. Azeem is also the author of the book, “It’s Not Banter, It’s Racism: What Cricket’s Dirty Secret Reveals About Our Society” which has recently been released. In this episode, he discusses his first encounter with racism, how he was treated by colleagues in the locker room, and the root of this pervasive issue. Folks, Azeem’s journey is not just a story of personal resilience but a call to action for all of us – dive in now!

Show Notes

0:04:38 Azeem’s first encounter with racism

0:12:25 Speaking up against racism

0:21:38 How racism was normalised in the locker room

0:30:24 The origins of racism

0:37:14 The oppressed becoming the oppressor

0:49:23 Azeem’s journey of writing his book

0:57:47 Azeem’s purpose

1:04:31 Fostering diversity and inclusivity as a business leader

1:16:50 Azeem’s future career plans 

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