#258: Life-Changing Secrets Revealed: How Shahroo Izadi Lost 55kg and Transformed Her Life! Don’t Miss This!


One conversation can change your life. And this episode, could just be it. Meet Shahroo Izadi – a best-selling author and Behavioural Change Specialist known for her expertise in addiction treatment. But, beyond that, she is also a woman who achieved a life-changing milestone by losing 55kg through implementing the exact behavioural change tactics that we talk about in this episode. Throughout our conversation, Shahroo delves into the intricacies of behavioural change – uncovering truths we may not always want to face. From the struggles of losing weight to writing a book on imposter syndrome, the psychology behind addiction and what practical steps you can take to create great habits – Shahroo’s insights are beyond brilliant, and I can’t wait for you to hear them yourself. Grab a paper and pen, you’ll want to write down her tips and advice to skyrocket your transformation. Hit play and let’s go!

Show Notes

02:22 Shahroo’s experience on the DOAC podcast

05:10 The struggle of losing weight

09:33 Th damage of shortcuts in weightloss

10:05 More about her gastric band surgery

13:46 The difference between addictions and habits

15:52 The relationship between childhood and addictions

19:29 About imposter syndrome

23:22 The challenges Shahroo’s clients face

36:06 Shahroo’s biggest milestones

49:34 Practical steps to create great habits

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