#257: Secrets to True Financial Freedom! Lisa Johnson’s Blueprint for Achieving Passive Income Dreams


If you’re British, and you think of Passive Income, it’s likely that your next thought will be ‘Lisa Johnson’. Ladies and Gents, it’s an honour and a pleasure to welcome The Queen of Passive Income, Lisa Johnson, back to The Spencer Lodge Podcast. Lisa is not just funny, engaging, and interesting; she’s an absolute gem and a very good friend of mine! Many of us want financial freedom, but the path to achieving it is often full of scams, lies and fake gurus. That’s exactly where Lisa steps in. As an award-winning business strategist, Lisa has the know-how to help individuals generate both passive and semi-passive income streams, transforming their business dreams into a tangible reality. However, Lisa isn’t just about driving growth – she’s also extremely passionate about creating a positive impact to change people’s lives. Tune in as Lisa shares her invaluable insights on the ethics of building an online business, how to navigate selling techniques with integrity, and why she’s so passionate about anti-bullying initiatives. Prepare to be inspired, but also educated and entertained as Lisa guides us through her secrets to achieving massive success. If you’ve ever dreamt of making money online and want to do it right, then this episode is the one for you!

Show Notes

02:27 Lisa’s thoughts on bullying

09:01 More about Lisa’s career

11:38 Ethics and selling techniques

24:50 Lisa’s thoughts on women empowerment

36:37 The solution to eliminate manipulative selling

41:05 What makes Lisa happy

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