#254: Not Guilty: Innocent Man Spends 22 Years on Death Row! The Unbelievable Story of Nick Yarris


Three years ago, I had the privilege of sharing the astonishing story of Nick Yarris. Little did I know, that our conversation would impact me the way it did. In 1982, at just 21, Nick was wrongfully convicted of murder he did not commit, and spent a mind-numbing 22 years on death row in Pennsylvania. His fate would have been sealed forever, was it not for his thirst for knowledge, which led him to devour many books and discover DNA testing in an article. He became the first death row prisoner to seek and insist on DNA testing, which ultimately revealed and proved his innocence. In this episode, I have the privilege of not only welcoming Nick back on the podcast for the third time, but also meeting him face-to-face for the first time ever. His remarkable story moves me every time I hear it, and I know it will do the same for you. During our conversation, we revisit the moment Nick’s life changed by being sentenced to death, his traumatising prison memories, how he discovered a way to prove his innocence and his encouraging message to everyone. Despite all of the setbacks and injustices he faced, Nick remains one of the kindest people I know and will always be a dear friend. Tune in now for a conversation like no other.

Show Notes

16:13 About Nick’s background

18:14 Where his trauma began

24:37 The moment that completely changed Nick’s life

32:48 Traumatising memories from being in prison

37:42 More info about the murder trial

46:11 How he escaped custody

55:16 Turning himself back in to the police

1:00:32 The moment he discovered DNA testing

1:07:37 Police and injustice

1:26:12 What being tortured taught him

1:30:35 What makes him believe in God

1:36:27 Nick’s message to everyone

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