#244: Eradicate Anxiety and Become ‘Unstressable’ with Happiness Expert Mo Gawdat


In the face of personal tragedy, my guest on this week’s episode of The Spencer Lodge Podcast resolved to dedicate his life’s work to pursuing happiness. Having suffered the heart-wrenching loss of his son, he sought solace in the world of literature and drew inspiration from the brightest minds – starting a journey that has positively impacted the lives of countless others. Join me as I sit down with the extraordinary Mo Gawdat. With an impressive 30-year career in the field of technology and serving as the Chief Business Officer at Google X, he is undeniably a true tech pioneer. Mo is also a three-time bestselling author, and he recently launched ‘Unstressable’ – a stress management platform that empowers you to eradicate stress, anxiety, and burnout. During this episode, we explore how humans experience grief, the anatomy of happiness and stress, and why our brains always search for what’s wrong. Whether you’re seeking personal fulfilment or want to uncover the secrets to happiness, this episode is an absolute must-listen and promises to be nothing short of inspiring!

Show Notes

03:50 About Mo

07:30 Experiencing grief

15:27 What it truly means to live a life of purpose

28:54 Your thoughts and how they impact your brain

40:00 How different situations impact your personality

45:08 How humans experience grief

55:09 Understanding true happiness

1:05:01 Why our brains search for what’s wrong

1:08:15 Mo’s latest project, “Unstressable”

1:11:11 Understanding stress

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