#243: Unraveling the Complexity of Relationships with Renowned Psychologist Sadia Khan


Dive into the complex world of relationships with renowned psychologist and relationship expert, Sadia Khan. With an extensive background as a psychology teacher, Sadia has honed her skills to provide therapy and online coaching services primarily catering to couples. Drawing from her vast experience, Sadia specialises in uncovering the profound impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships and breaking attachment styles. Her ultimate goal is to empower couples with the knowledge and tools to build healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling connections. Prepare yourself for an episode that tackles a myriad of hot topics, including thought-provoking discussions on abortions, the truth about pornography, navigating infidelity in relationships, exploring open relationships, and shedding light on why many women in Dubai feel entitled. So, grab a pen and paper, and perhaps your partner too, and start taking some notes!

Show Notes

02:26 Sadia’s career

04:17 Understanding arranged marriages

08:00 Entering into relationships blindly

09:44 What women and men look for in relationships

19:02 Why women cheat

27:49 Sadia’s opinion on abortions

31:59 Men’s response to women’s social media

37:30 The truth about pornography

42:45 Open relationships and cheating

46:55 Why some women in Dubai feel entitled

54:03 Sadia’s advice for toxic relationships

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