#212: How To Biohack Your Body For High Performance With Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey


Dave Asprey is on a mission to help people lead healthier and happier lives by empowering them to biohack their bodies. As a professional biohacker himself, Dave has spent over $2 million USD to control his biology and aging, and optimise his health. “The Father of Biohacking” joins me on the show this week to talk about how we can take better care of our bodies to make them last a little longer. Dive in, be a student, and learn about the journey behind the world-famous Bulletproof Coffee founder, what biohacking is and how you can utilise it, how emotions and childhood trauma controls our adult lives, mental health and alternative treatment theories, and we discuss in detail the secret to losing weight, maintaining a balanced diet and reversing aging.

Show Notes

00:05:48 The journey behind Bulletproof

00:15:30 Listening to your body and emotions

00:17:32 Biohacking weight loss

00:24:44 Dave’s Upgrade Labs concept

00:34:09 How your childhood impacts your adult life

00:37:14 Tapping into one’s feelings

00:40:55 Treating depression

00:46:32 The Polyvagal Theory

00:51:58 Biohacking and changing a nation

00:55:58 The dark side of veganism

00:58:38 Why you should eat liver daily

01:01:01 The importance of eating grass-fed meat

01:03:31 Measuring your body’s age to prevent aging

01:07:15 Improving your sleep

01:09:25 The benefits of cryotherapy

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