#211: Exposing The Inner Workings Of The Rajneesh Cult With Jane Stork


You’ve probably seen Wild Wild Country if you’re into Netflix documentaries. Jane Stork, my guest on this week’s episode, was part of the Rajneesh movement – led by Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Bhagwan was known as one of the most controversial religious leaders of his time and rose to international fame when he relocated his entire community to Oregon in the United States to build his own city. In this episode, Jane, who was one of the members closest to Bhagwan and his counterpart, Sheila, shares what it was like living in this cult-like community, how she was driven to commit murder, her time in prison, and how she broke free from the community.

Show Notes

00:03:29 How Jane got involved in the Rajneesh movement

00:10:16 Jane’s first experience with meditation

00:14:53 Jane’s first trip to India

00:19:17 Getting to know Bhagwan

00:22:04 Moving to the ashram

00:25:32 Separating from her husband

00:31:17 How Bhagwan made money

00:34:29 Bhagwan’s ranch in Oregon

00:40:48 Jane’s relationship with Sheila

00:43:55 Jane’s opinions on religion

00:47:22 Bhagwan’s leadership

00:53:15 Jane’s plan to kill Bhagwan’s doctor

01:00:40 Realising Bhagwan’s doctor didn’t die

01:02:27 Jane’s plan to leave the community

01:08:27 Arriving in Germany

01:12:25 Bhagwan leaving the ranch

01:13:40 Jane’s legal battles and prison

01:20:28 Jane’s decision to face extradition

01:24:17 Having the charges dropped

01:26:26 The importance of family

01:27:10 Jane’s take on spirituality

01:28:40 The last time Jane spoke to Shiela

01:29:44 Jane’s relationship with her children

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