#199: Grief And Loss: How To Survive It And Support Someone Through It


Everyone is grieving something. It can be the loss of a loved one, a career, a sense of identity, or a childhood. And everyone goes through a grief process. But what exactly is grief? How do you cope with it? And how do you support someone who’s grieving? This week on the podcast, I am speaking with Sasha Bates, a Psychotherapist and Author who has been exploring grief after the sudden loss of her husband. Sasha reflects on her personal experience of loss and how she’s managing it, but also shares advice for supporting others through their grief. This episode is one that everyone should listen to so you feel better armed to support a loved one in the future.

Show Notes

01:58 Spencer reads a text to Sasha

03:00 Sasha’s experience with grief

04:58 Approaching grief

07:08 Grief versus death

09:58 The 5 stages of grief

12:50 Childhood trauma experiences

16:00 Slow VS sudden death

17:47 Writing her first book

21:16 Tips for journaling

23:16 Sasha’s books

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