#198: Kenton Cool: Conquering Everest 16 Times & Lessons From Climbing The World’s Highest Mountain


The average person wants to do great things with their life. They dream of being adventurous, living life without regrets and seeing things no one else has ever seen – but very few actually take action. This week on The Spencer Lodge Podcast, I speak with Kenton Cool – a world-leading high-altitude climber who reached the summit of Mount Everest not once, but 16 times! We talk about how he became a mountaineer and what life lessons he has learnt along the way. As someone who loves hiking and hopes to climb Everest one day, this episode was fascinating because Kenton shared firsthand what the experience of summiting Everest is like. In this episode, we talk about why the world needs more dreamers and what it takes to turn your life into an epic adventure.

Show Notes

04:25 Kenton’s greatest achievements

05:45 Kenton’s upbringing

09:40 Childhood hobbies

11:50 When Kenton first acknowledged danger

15:54 How others react to Kenton’s adventures

27:05 The importance of connection

30:35 Combatting loneliness

34:44 People Kenton hikes with

37:27 Climbing Mount Everest

45:17 Life lessons

49:12 The dangers after climbing Mount Everest

52:18 Future ambitions

58:30 The emotional impact of traveling

01:06:08 Why trying is important

01:08:05 People Kenton admires

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