#195: Tricks For Sharpening Your Mind And Improving Your Memory


If you’re like me, you have the memory of a goldfish. Today’s episode is all about one question: Is your brain a muscle? I’m joined by Memory Coach and TikTok sensation Josh McCartney to answer these questions and many others. We talk about how you can sharpen your memory and improve your ability to remember names, numbers and pretty much anything else. Josh also teaches me some of his most popular brain training techniques – so you’ll learn how to remember names, recall numbers, and memorise facts quickly. If that sounds hokey to you, I was sceptical when interviewing him, but what Josh taught me REALLY helped me improve my memory. This may be one of the most interesting episodes yet, with Josh sharing some truly epic tricks to enhance your memory.

Show Notes

02:52 Memory and age

04:42 Getting things off the tip of your tongue

08:15 How to train your brain

12:15 Remembering names

14:20 Mental health and memory

20:13 Josh’s typical clients

21:26 Memorising a speech

25:57 Memory test

32:55 Getting others to memorize things

38:37 Recalling a spreadsheet with numbers on it

43:43 Remembering your P&L

47:25 Recalling many names at once

48:60 Competing memory

50:21 Does improving your memory have an age limit?

51:38 Poor memories and societal problems

52:34 Memories and animals

53:30 Social media

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