#194: Dr. Sara Al Madani: The Truth Behind The Real Housewives Of Dubai


No matter what you think of her – you can’t deny; Sara Al Madani is taking the world by storm. The serial entrepreneur and now reality TV sensation joins me for the second time on The Spencer Lodge Podcast to discuss her latest project: The Real Housewives of Dubai. With a worldwide debut on Bravo, Sara was selected along with five others as the first cast members for the Dubai series. As the only Emirati on the show, Sara takes viewers behind the scenes of her daily routine, entrepreneurial successes, failures and life experiences. In this episode, Sara and I also discuss her journey to success, how she deals with online bullying, the rise of Web 3.0 and her opinion on religion and culture. This episode covers so many topics, you definitely won’t get bored!

Show Notes

02:50 Sara’s entrepreneurial journey

03:49 Wearing an abaya

05:31 Dealing with criticism

09:14 Sara’s social experiment

11:15 The Real Housewives of Dubai

14:20 Selling on social media

17:00 NFTs

22:45 Happiness

29:07 Culture & religion

37:49 The growth of Dubai 

44:10 Role models

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