#157: The Fight To End Human Trafficking With Carla Stephens


Carla Stephens is a Bravo TV personality, producer, entrepreneur, and one of just a few celebrities who use their platform to fight human trafficking.

While providing support through her church to local strip clubs, Carla discovered that many of the women were there not by choice, but by force. Since then, Carla created the Stop Trafficking Mission Funding to help sex-trafficking victims overcome the struggles of escaping.

She joins the show to discuss how sex trafficking happens every day, the causes that prevent real change, and the work she is doing to advocate for and support victims.

Show Notes

Carla introduces herself and discusses her celebrity status. [2:16]

Carla discusses how she ended up on TV. [5:32]

How Carla became interested in advocating for victims of sex trafficking is reflected on. [11:54]

Spencer and Carla discuss the horrors she has seen during her work. [18:04]

Sex traffickers and pimps are discussed. [22:19]

Carla discusses the role that government and bystanders fail to play in protecting people. [30:04]

The Stop Trafficking Mission Funding initiative is explained. [35:22]

Carla details how people can get involved to support victims and create change. [42:28]

Next steps for Carla’s life and career are touched on. [46:33]

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