#156: From Refugee To Knighthood – The Journey To The Top With Mountaineer Mostafa Salameh


Born in Kuwait to Palestinian refugee parents, Mostafa Salameh planned to become a hotel manager, not a mountain climber. But after having a vivid dream in 2004 of himself reciting the call to prayer from the world’s highest peak, Mostafa followed his calling and became the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest in 2008. That same year he was knighted by King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Today, he is one of only 16 people to ever climb the Seven Summits and conquer the ‘Explorers Grand Slam.’ He is an Explorer, Inspirational Speaker, Fundraiser and Author, having published his first book titled ‘Dreams of a Refugee’.

Mostafa joins us today to discuss his journey and his philosophy that anything is possible.

Show Notes

Mostafa explains his childhood and background. [2:37]

Living in a refugee camp is described. [6:35]

The role of education for Mostafa is touched on. [9:09]

Mostafa describes his home as a child. [10:47]

Moving to the UK is discussed. [13:24]

Living in the UK illegally, learning English and attending university is discussed. [16:07]

Experiencing life while Mostafa lived in Scotland is reflected on. [23:00]

Raising money to climb Everest is described. [27:47]

The first summit Mostafa attempted is discussed. [37:00]

Failure to climb his second summit is explained. [39:17]

Mostafa reflects on his feelings while climbing Denali in Alaska. [43:33]

Climbing Denali to climbing Everest was a big jump, Mostafa describes this training. [47:50]

Mostafa’s first attempt to summit Everest in 2005 is explained. [51:46]

Climbing Everest in 2008 and reaching the summit is detailed. [55:12]

Mostafa touches on life after reaching the Everest Summit. [59:30]

The philosophy that nothing is impossible in Mostafa’s life is explained. [1:05:30]

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