#154: Investigating China’s Illegal Organ Harvesting, Mass Murders & Organ Tourism


Ethan Gutmann is a Human Rights Investigator, best known for his investigations into forced organ harvesting in China. Based on interviews with senior police officials and Chinese doctors who have killed prisoners on the operating table, Ethan has testified that the number of people killed for organs is upwards of 100,000 people.

He is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, the acclaimed author of “The Slaughter”, and a co-author of a 2016 investigative report which examined the transplant programs of hundreds of hospitals in China.

Ethan shares details about the organ trade in China, organ tourism, and explains how we can educate ourselves to advocate more for this issue.

Show Notes

Ethan discusses genocide and organ harvesting. [2:08]

The hidden issue of Organ Harvesting in China is explained. [7:10]

What happens to the victims after they are murdered is explained. [9:12]

The unknown elements of organ harvesting is touched on. [11:16]

Ethan explains organ tourists and who they are. [12:37]

The process of buying a kidney in China is described. [15:42]

Ethan’s book “The Slaughter” and his Nobel Peace Prize nomination is discussed. [19:53]

Reasons Ethan continues to focus his investigations into China are reflected on. [21:28]

Doctors who come out and admit to Organ Harvesting is discussed. [23:33]

Other countries who have done organ harvesting are listed. [26:03]

Actions people can take to help and learn are detailed. [28:35]

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