#153: Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Nightmare Explained


The #FreeBritney movement has brought attention to Britney Spears’13-year-long conservatorship battle and has raised questions about what conservatorships are, why they are necessary and who they benefit.

In this episode I am joined by Scott E. Rahn, a Los Angeles attorney specialising in conservatorships. Scott explains Britney Spears’ unique situation, the difficult legal problems she’s faced, and how all sorts of people find themselves entangled in conservatorship nightmares.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to Britney’s father announcing on August 12th – after intense media pressure – that he would step down as her conservator.

Show Notes

Scott explains what a conservatorship is and who it applies to. [2:09]

The ways Britney Spears’ conservatorship case differs to others is described. [3:55]

How to determine what is right or wrong in a conservatorship case is discussed. [6:03]

The mental health implications that led to Britney’s conservatorship are discussed. [9:08]

Scott explains how a conservatorship is put into place. [11:49]

Jamie Spears’ actions are touched on. [15:08]

Understanding what Britney wants is explained. [17:01]

Unique circumstances of conservatorships and how that impacts the rules placed on the individual in the conservatorship is discussed. [19:14]

The relevance of these laws are discussed. [20:34]

General thoughts from within the legal world about the case are given. [22:40]

The role that the #FreeBritney movement played in raising awareness of her struggle is explained. [24:50]

Scott predicts what will happen with Britney’s conservatorship. [28:24]

The reasons conservatorships are not tracked and recorded is discussed. [29:51]

The Casey Kasem conservatorship is spoken about. [31:22]

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