#142: The Secret To Scaling Your Business With Nick Bradley


Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor and business mentor who has built, bought and sold 22 business with a combined valuation of over 5 billion dollars! He is a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs all over the globe, and is highly experienced with increasing business value through acquisition.

On todays show, Nick shares his secrets for scaling your business! We cover how to determine the value of a company, the importance of networking for capital gain, using acquisition as a business strategy, and how mentorship can benefit your business.

Show Notes

Nick joins the show by giving his ‘elevator pitch’. [2:17]

Options for business owners are endless, Nick explains how businesses need to transition to scale-up mode. [3:53]

Nick gives his tips for finding the right leaders on your team. [7:02]

Building business value, with strategy and culture, is touched on. [10:04]

Strategies for finding capital as a new business are discussed. [18:02]

An explanation is given about the logistics of buying and selling companies. [24:47]

Acquisition as a business strategy is examined. [32:54]

Nick explains how to discover which businesses have inherent value. [35:57]

The importance on buying profitable businesses in acquisition is touched on. [43:31]

Nick explains what stage businesses need to be at for him to help them scale-up. [45:33]

Knowing when to scale-up through acquisition is difficult; Nick explains the advice he gives to business owners and when he gets involved. [46:47]

Nick discusses the education necessary to become an entrepreneur. [50:56]

Details on how to get in touch with Nick for assistance with your business are provided. [53:45]


“Just that first change, from start-up to scale-up, a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of founders, don’t even make that step”. [5:31-5:37]

“Value is really just a quotient of either revenue, usually recurring revenue, or profit net margin. So, if you think, a value of a business is usually is the business got recurring revenue, which is where a lot of tech businesses are valued at they may not be profitable but they’ve got recurring revenue, they can see a pathway to profit.” [12:15- 12:32]

“My advice to a lot of people is not, don’t think you need to raise money just because you’re a start-up, that’s my first observation because more money, more complexity, more problems” [18:20-18:29]

“Acquisitions have different layers, but it comes back to what I said around purpose at the very beginning, purpose and plan. What is the intent? What are you trying to do?” [34:31- 34:39]

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