#141: Cryptocurrency Expert Joshua Riddett On Crypto Mining & Blockchain Technology


Joshua Riddett is the Founder & Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter. He is a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology expert, advising investors, governments and the public about the basics of making money by mining cryptocurrency.

Joshua discusses the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, how he makes money for his clients by mining cryptocurrency and importance of education in this fast-changing environment.

Show Notes

Joshua joins the show by speaking about the current frustrations that face crypto investors. [1:46]

A lesson in the basics of cryptocurrency is given by Joshua. [4:33]

How cryptocurrency disrupted the banking industry with blockchain technology is explained. [8:09]

The relationship between mining and bitcoin is explained. [14:14]

Joshua explains how Governments are handling blockchain and cryptocurrency education. [18:48]

Cryptocurrency investment is currently very volatile; Joshua explains his thoughts about the current state of the market. [24:50]

The potential for Blockchain technology to expand past financial transactions is explained. [29:42]

NFT- non-fungible tokens- are touched on. [35:09]

Joshua speaks about his upbringing and starting his business. [37:00]

The Easy Crypto Hunter business model, how they help people invest and the returns investors can see is discussed. [44:59]

Advice about investing in blockchain technology is given. [51:23]

Joshua discusses the use of his TikTok and social media accounts as educational and marketing tools to attract investors. [53:36]

The podcast ends by discussing the importance on educating about the advantages of investing in cryptocurrency. [57:49]


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it was designed to be a form of currency and online internet monetary system- fine- but what people haven’t separated in their mind is that the vast majority of all these other coins, tokens and projects are actually not anything to do with financial payments.” [5:33- 5:54]

“What is blockchain technology? Because this underlying technology band is the powerhouse…that all these other coins and processes run on; bitcoin just being one of them. So in order to understand cryptocurrencies, or crypto-tokens or crypto-shares, we need to understand the meat and gravy of what is blockchain.” [8:32-8:53]

“Blockchain is a new type of technology that digitizes human trust and that’s why it’s so critically monumental.” [12:47-12:58]

“Let say, for example, the British Government tomorrow came out and said ‘okay, we’re making Bitcoin illegal’, honestly, they have no control whatsoever because the only way you can stop bitcoin is if you went and turned off every single bitcoin mining machine in the world simultaneously.” [19:52-20:12]

“A real easy example of NFT is you can create a unique piece of work, be it art or a program or something in the digital eco-system and you can attach to that a digital code…and that is digitally stamped on the blockchain, proof or originality and authority.” [35:38- 36:00]

“My company, for example, we do not mine bitcoin. We mine, or provide power and process all the transactions, for all the other tokens. So rather than mining bitcoin, we actually provide what are called GPU mining machines.” [42:56- 42:10]

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