So many companies out there are busy using online and digital strategies to generate leads, but very often these leads just aren’t converted into sales. If you’re spending money on generating leads then it’s essential that you nurture them so that they can go on to become viable prospective clients. Generating leads for a business and then expecting to convert them without putting in the work just isn’t going to work in the long run.

I recently sat down with Briar Prestidge, the CEO & Founder of Briar Prestidge International to chat about the above (watch the video here). Before you’re able to convert your leads you’ll have to do the following:


I hear a lot of people blaming the quality of the leads that they have and using that as an excuse for the fact that they’re not converting them. But if you receive ten leads and you don’t manage to close any of these people, perhaps you’re not doing enough research, providing enough value or qualifying these leads properly before you try to close them.


Everyone consumes content but not everyone feels comfortable with producing content of their own. For whatever reason, a lot of business professionals fear putting themselves out there on a public forum for the world to see, and then on top of this, many of these people also claim that they just don’t have the time to generate content like other fulltime social media influencers.

Here’s my take on that: The hardest part is starting, but if you want to be successful then you HAVE to start somewhere. Figure out who you are, what you have to say, and how you want to come across. For example:

  • What are your values and what do you value most?
  • What are your goals are where do you see yourself in five years or ten years time?
  • What is your mission?
  • How are you going to provide value to others?

After you’re clear on the above, you can start thinking about a communications strategy and your target market. Define who you’re talking to. Think about your target person’s age, profession, interests and the kinds of challenges that they might face that you can help them with. And then focus on producing as much valuable content as you can for these people.

Not everyone is good in front of the camera, but practice makes perfect. And the more videos you produce and put out, the better you’ll get. If however, your writing skills are better than your presenting skills, then put out regular and informative blog posts, and status updates. Educate your followers and add as much value as you can. Building your brand and providing value is non-negotiable. You can’t expect to sell to someone who doesn’t know who you are and what you do. And you can’t expect them to buy from you before you’ve given them something first.


Before you go in for the kill, you’ll need to qualify your leads and provide them with as much value as possible.

Let’s say you’re a car salesman and you receive a lead from someone who’s interested in buying a car. This prospect has told you their budget, their time span, and their requirements for the car. As a salesperson, when you receive this information you want to immediately call them up and convert them. But before a person will buy from you, they need to trust you. Like I mentioned above, provide value upfront. Perhaps give them the latest car-buying report or something that shows them you’re an expert in your field. Once they trust you and know that you’re genuinely interested in helping them, they’ll be more inclined to buy.

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