If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that at the end of every month I produce a strategy review video, where I discuss what I learnt over the course of the month and I share these learnings and insights with you.

Be honest for a minute, was April a successful month for you? Did you do everything that was in your power to push yourself to be the best that you could be? If not, then make a pact with yourself right now that you’ll end May off on a high! Here’s what I learnt over the course of the month that’ll help you make this month your best month yet:


A lot of you still aren’t getting this social media thing right, are you? Here’s the thing- you’ve got to stop wanting to make it perfect. You’ve just got to start producing content. Think about creating contextual content on a consistent basis. Don’t worry about it being perfect now. You’ll learn along the way. But for now, produce as much content as you can, and keep going!


I still see a lot of companies that are recruiting salespeople who just aren’t up to the job. You wouldn’t hire a doctor that wasn’t qualified, so why would you employ a sales person who isn’t qualified? If you want to employ a trainee salesperson, that’s fine. Make them a trainee and then teach them about the industry and upskill them, but if you want them to come on board as salespeople for your company then make sure that they can do the job that they say they can and that you’re employing them to do.


Instead of focusing on making a sale, you should focus on adding value! Stay focused on bringing as much value as you can to your prospective clients. Bringing value should be your first priority. If you do this, then people will naturally come to you or buy from you.


As I’ve said before, If you wouldn’t sell your product or service to your mum, then you shouldn’t sell it to anyone! If you’re currently trying to sell something that you would never dream of selling to your mum then my advice is not to sell it! Remember your legacy and what you’re going to be remembered for. What do¬†you want to be remembered for? If you remember your integrity and use the thought of your legacy as a driver then you won’t veer off course.

If you’d like to watch my April Strategy Review¬†then click here:

*Let me know in the comments below what you plan on doing differently this month and how you plan on making it your best month yet!