The Secret to Mastering Confidence on Camera

If you want to be successful with selling, then you’re going to have to master the tricks of the trade. These days, that means using social media to reach your target market- and the demand for social media video content is increasing at an alarming rate. A recent study found that over 85% of internet users watch videos online. That’s a massive amount of people who could potentially be consuming your content!

Whether it’s on blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, it’s pretty clear that videos are consumers favorite type of content, so why then isn’t every marketer or salesperson producing videos? Simply put, it’s because they’re not comfortable in front of the camera. Or at least that’s the excuse that many of my clients give me. A lot of individuals by default inherit the same prejudices that they do about speaking in front of large crowds, to speaking in front of the camera. They get “stage-fright”. But in actual fact, when you speak on camera- it’s just you and the camera and it’s a lot easier than you think. Realising this will free you of a lot of unnecessary fear and allow you the opportunity to shine.

Here are some of my top tips for mastering confidence on camera:

  • Stop worrying about what others think:

A lot of the people out there are terrified of how others may view them or they worry too much about what other people will think about the video content that they put out. What you have to do is ask yourself where this fear comes from? I’m willing to bet that this fear is the same fear that is negatively affecting other parts of your life. Getting to the core of this will help you to move past it a lot faster. Stop worrying about what other people think, and instead start concerning yourself with what makes you happy!

  • Practice makes perfect:

The great thing about producing video content is that you can take as many takes as you need in order to get it right. If it takes you five takes to feel comfortable in front of the camera, then so be it. Unlike speaking live in front of a crowd, when you produce videos you can edit the footage and do as many re-takes as you need. That way, when you do eventually post your content- you’re happy with it!

  • Believe in your story:

Every single person out there has a story to tell. And every one of us has valuable information that we can share with others. Don’t underestimate how important your story is, or what you have to say.

  • The more you produce, the better you’ll get:

When I watch playbacks of my videos, I critique myself and sometimes wish that I’d delved deeper into certain topics. But the more videos I produce, the better I get and the more I learn. Being committed to self-improvement and lifelong learning has always been something that’s very important to me and it can help you a great deal when it comes to mastering skills such as this.

  • Think about the type of content you want to put out:

When I first started producing video content, I didn’t have a clear focus or structure and as a result what I was doing didn’t come across as very professional. Being clear on what your focus and messaging is, really is vital! It’s also important to know who you’re speaking to and why you’re speaking to them. If for example, you’re in real estate and have built up a following of people who are interested in real estate news, you wouldn’t suddenly start talking about beauty products.

At the end of the day you can’t be all things to all people. Pick your themes, know what you’re going to say, and then keep on producing valuable content in line with that. Being true and authentic is key.

*Ultimately, confidence is a series of small successes. And if you can commit to trying and continue to give everything you do your all, then you’ll find yourself producing valuable video content before you know it!