As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said: “Build a great experience- customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” Providing excellent customer service and treating your clients with respect is incredibly important if you want to have a lasting career as well as business relationships.

People these days have high expectations when it comes to customer service, but rightfully so- especially when they’re spending their hard-earned money on products or services.

If something isn’t up to standard, customers will complain- and it’s your job to hear them out and then resolve these complaints. Your clients should always know how much you value them as well as their opinion.

A big mistake that a lot of salespeople tend to make is that they focus on the sale, and as soon as the money comes in- they move onto the next prospective client. But if you don’t look after your existing customers and clients- someone else will.

Below I outline the basics of good customer service:


Think about your favourite restaurant for a minute. Why do you go there? Chances are it’s because they provide excellent service and their food is always delicious. Am I right? People are much more likely to keep going back to a place (or keep buying your products or services) if they’re treated well and the quality is always of a good standard.

I often speak about providing value to people without expecting anything in return. Always aim to provide the best service and provide insane amounts of value for your clients.

Excellent customer service comes down to people learning how to care about their customers’ needs before their own.


There’s a lot of competition in the market. And if you’re not constantly checking in with your existing clients and making sure that they’re satisfied, you’re going to lose them. Let them know that they’re top of mind by sending them information that’s useful to them, or by doing things that show that you know what they want and need.


If you’re given attention and made to feel special by someone, you’re going to remember that. And chances are- if you continue to be treated like a VIP you are going to refer your friends and family to the organisation or individual who makes you feel that way.

Treating your clients like VIP’s will ensure that your business relationship with them will be long and prosperous. Remembering little details that they’ve shared with you and making them see how much you care will win their loyalty for life- and that’s priceless!

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