The Close: Episode 8

– Discover how do you enable the mediocre employees? – Learn the best employees to hire: Attitude vs. Experience – How does positive reinforcement affect the growth of your employees All of these and more on this episode! Don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our episodes! http://www.makeithappen.university/wp-content/uploads/podcast/The_Close_EP8_PODCAST.mp3

The Close: Episode 7

For this episode, they talk about the struggles of communicating with a cold lead, the things you could do to get their interest, and build rapport. How do you start a cold call and how do you determine if it ended well? Lastly, they discussed that creativity on Social Media is one factor to entice […]

The Close: Episode 6

For this episode, Lewis and Spencer spill their secret habits to be more productive. They talked about breaking terrible habits and negativity in the workplace. They addressed how these bad habits affect your goals? How does unproductivity turn down results? They wrapped up by sharing effective techniques to build good habits that help you achieve […]

The Close: Episode 5

In this episode, Spencer and Lewis talks about how to go from local to global. They discussed the realities of going global.How does this set-up work? What are the risks? What’s in it for you in the long-term run? All of these questions and more in this episode! Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow Spencer […]

The Close: Episode 4

For this episode, Spencer and Lewis focused on real estate trends and people interested in investing in the real estate market. They discussed what it means for buyers/sellers when market prices are down. They answer tough real estate questions like: When is the right time to purchase property? Should your home be part of your […]

The Close: Episode 3

Time for Episode 3 of The Close with Spencer Lodge and Lewis Allsopp. This time, Spencer and Lewis continue their conversation about technology in business by discussing “Augmented Reality”. Are Apps like Pokemon Go a gimmicky fad or a game changer? Next they turn their attention to recruiting salespeople and what exactly do you look […]

The Close: Episode 2

In this episode of The Close with Spencer Lodge and Lewis Allsopp, the guys discuss the role “data” plays in retail and how companies that realize the importance of it will flourish and companies that don’t, won’t be around in the near future. Spencer and Lewis then look at how the customer experience has changed […]

The Close: Episode 1

This is the first episode of The Close with Spencer Lodge and Lewis Allsopp. In this program, Lewis Allsopp and yours truly, chat about everything sales, with some real estate thrown in as well. Lewis and I talked about how to bring added value to our audiences and the result of that conversation is the […]